Contemporary Number 30

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The movie includes the following plots: the first plot "Before suffering" tells about the preparation for the harvest in the Gorky region. The plot uses the following filming: a view of the "Rocket" floating on the Volga River; Combines "Niva" are in the machine yard of the collective farm "Zarya" in the Gorky region; grain growers are talking on the collective farm field. The second plot "Harvest-85" tells about the beginning of the harvest in the Kuibyshev region. The plot uses the following filming: workers and guests of the Menzhinsky state farm in the Kuibyshev region inspect the harvesting equipment; Niva combines harvest grain on the state farm field; A. Morozov, first secretary of the district committee of the CPSU of the Kuibyshev region, presents certificates of machine operators to graduates of a rural vocational school. The third plot "Traffic police on cleaning" tells about checking the technical condition of cleaning machines by the traffic police in the Ulyanovsk region. The plot uses the following filming: the view of the road and passing cars in the Ulyanovsk region; an employee of the Ulyanovsk regional traffic police checks the technical condition of a GAZ car. The 4th plot "The beginning of the harvest" tells about the harvest in the Orenburg region. The plot uses the following filming: combine operators of the "Boevoy" state farm harvesting grain in the field, having lunch on the field
B. Svoysky
Film ID
, collective farm
, agricultural machinery
, militia
, harvest
Number of Parts
A. Mochalov, K. Stepanov, B. Volkov, N. Sharapov
Other Creators
editor S. Smolich, author of the text A. Nedoluzhko, sound engineer I. Nifonov
Release Date