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The c / w included plots: the 1st plot "Scientists for Agriculture" tells about the breeders of the Orenburg Research Institute of Agriculture Mikhail Dolgalev and Nikolai Danilovich Logachev. The plot uses the following filming: mechanized harvesting of wheat in one of the fields of the Orenburg region; specialists of the Orenburg Research Institute of Agriculture M. Dolgalev and ND Logachev inspect wheat in the field, work in the laboratory on breeding a new wheat variety "Orenburgskaya - 10". The second plot "Off-season, beekeepers" tells about the work on the collective farm "Kolkhoznaya Iskra". The plot uses the following filming: a tractor plows a field on the collective farm "Kolkhoznaya Iskra"; collective farm chairman Nikolai Vasilyevich Lebedev in the field talking with machine operators, studying documents in the village council, driving a UAZ car; view of beehives in a collective farm apiary; collective farm workers put apples in boxes and load into a car. The third plot "The Museum of Public Education" tells about the Ulyanovsk Museum "Public Education of the Simbirsk province in the 70-80s of the XIX century." The plot uses the following filming: a view of the building of the Museum of Public Education on Engels Street in the city of Ulyanovsk; the guide shows the museum's visitors exhibits and photographs of I.N. Ulyanov. Schoolchildren listen to a story about the first parish school in the city of Simbirsk, where Olga Ulyanova studied. The fourth plot “School Director” is dedicated to the director of the Togliatti secondary school, Galina Konstantinovna Kurygina. The plot uses the following filming: a view of the building of a secondary school in the city of Togliatti. Schoolchildren are resting during recess. The director of the school, G.K. Kurygina, talks with parents and students in the office, leads a math lesson in the classroom, discusses the technical re-equipment of the school with the chefs from the Volga Automobile Plant.
G. Kornilina
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state agricultural enterprises
, school education
, museum
, beekeeping
, agricultural sciences
, automotive industry
, plant growing
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K. Urbanovich, A. Budnikov, B. Volkov, N. Shumkova
Other Creators
Author of the text B. Svoisky, editor N. Bukhalov
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