Cooperator №2

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The first part. The plot 1. TIME TO BUILD. The plot tells about the construction cooperative "Severny" in the Komi Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. Men take a steam bath, swim in a pool. Cooperative greenhouse, the NDP in the beds with tomatoes and cucumbers. Brick two-story houses, built by the builders of the cooperative. The head of the cooperative M. Gluzman among the builders. Workers are restoring decommissioned cars. Building mechanics based on a cooperative. Construction of warehouses, livestock complexes, residential buildings. Swimming pool "Dolphin", built by a cooperative. A school built by a cooperative. Schoolchildren in the corridor at break, walls painted with fairytale characters, a playroom, a gym, schoolchildren in class. Workers of the cooperative have lunch in their cafeteria, a cook serves dishes. Construction of buildings for a furniture factory of the cooperative. Work in a furniture shop. Plot 2. WALK "WALK". The plot tells about the cooperative restaurant "Razgulyay" in Moscow. The facade of the restaurant "Razgulyay", its interiors, decorated in the national Russian style. The waiters set the tables. The director of the restaurant YV Pruskov is talking on the phone in his office. The chefs in the kitchen prepare meals. Type of ready meals, menu. The waitress serves customers. A man and a boy are having dinner at a table. The bartender is at the counter. The table set for a banquet. Banquet participants at the table, gypsies sing and dance. Bistro, built near the restaurant, visitors at the tables. Hamburgers produced by the Razgulyay cooperative. Street cafe tables, visitors are eating hamburgers. Perspective of Novoryazanskaya Street. 25 October Street (Nikolskaya), passers-by, cars, a man talking on a pay phone. The second part. Plot 3. THE PROBLEM SOLVED BY THE "HEMATOLOGIST". The plot tells about the production by the scientific and production cooperative "Hematologist" of the drug "Tsoliklon", which allows you to accurately and quickly determine the patient's blood group. General view of the operating room, an operation is in progress. Donors donate blood. Ampoules with the drug "Tsoliklon". The laboratory assistant determines the blood group using the "Tsoliklon" preparation at the table in the laboratory. The process of mixing blood with drops of the drug, the result of mixing. One of the laboratories of the All-Union Hematological Center, the production process of the drug "Tsoliklon", packaging in hermetically sealed ampoules. Experimental mice in cages. Plot 4. "PILGRIM" WITH A LOT OF FAIRY TALES. The plot tells about the Center for Aesthetic Education "Pilgrim", created on a cooperative basis. The program of the play "Unusual Transformations", staged in the center by director Vitalia Fridman. Young spectators in the hall. Fragments of the performance. Children are looking at the posters of "Pilgrim". V. Fridman talks about the Fairy Tale Theater (sinhr.). Artist N. Serebryakov makes sketches of costumes for the play. Theater founder Kim Meshkov, artistic director Vitalia Fridman, artist Nikolai Serebryakov and choreographer Vladimir Nikolsky at a rehearsal. Fragment of a puppet show.
V. Marinova, A. Racimor, L. Trubnikova, E. Taravkova
Film ID
medical services for the population
, road transport
, school education
, medicinal assistance
, woodworking industry
, building
, sports
, public catering
, medical industry
, theatre
, cooperation
, ancillary enterprises
, athletic facilities
, cities
, medicine
, painting
, graphics
, peoples life
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A. Reich, O. Zguridi, E. Korshak
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