Cosmic Commonwealth

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A film about the implementation of the space project of the USSR and the USA "Soyuz-Apollo", about the preparation of the flight of the spacecraft "Soyuz" and "Apollo". PARTS ONE - SECOND 1973-1975. American astronauts E. Ronald, D. Slayton, T. Stafford, D. Lawsm, W. Brand, K. Bobko, A. Bean, J. Sernan, R. Overmeier descend the plane at the Sheremetyevo airport, take part in meetings of scientists and cosmonauts, on the technical preparation of space flight of the Soyuz and Apollo spaceships, in training, at the Cosmonaut Training Center, in the cultural program of the project, attending receptions at the Soviet Embassy in Washington and at the residence of US President D. Ford ... Cosmonaut A.A. Leonov meets American cosmonauts at the Sheremetyevo airport, takes part in trainings at the MCC, in the cultural program of the project, attends receptions at the Soviet embassy in Washington and at the residence of US President D. Ford. PART ONE 1973-1975. Moscow region, the city of Star. Cosmonaut Training Center (MCC). Meeting of Soviet and American specialists and cosmonauts. The technical director of the project, Professor Bushuev, cosmonauts V.A.Shatalov and T.Stafford are speaking. Cosmonauts Yu.Romanenko, A.V. Filipchenko, N.N. Rukavishnikov during preparation for the flight and training with American cosmonauts. Soviet and American cosmonauts at the Lenin monument near Smolny, visit the Lenin Museum-Apartment in Smolny, the Piskarevskoye Memorial Cemetery, the Gas-Dynamic Laboratory Museum in Leningrad, visit the historical and architectural monuments of Leningrad, visit the Moscow Hippodrome, the Trinity-Sergius Lavra. Cosmonaut A.A. Leonov and astronaut T. Stafford present the prize to the winner of the race at the Moscow Hippodrome. City of Washington. Congress building. Monuments to D. Washington, T. Jefferson, A. Lincoln. Reception and lunch at the Soviet embassy, the USSR Ambassador to the United States, AF Dobrynin, is present. Soviet and American cosmonauts visiting the sights of the city, exhibits of the Museum of History and Development of Technology, the Capitol, visiting the graves of astronauts V. Grisom and R. Chaffe. John Kennedy's grave at Arlington Cemetery.
N. Makarov
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B. Smirnov, Yu. Ivlev
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