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The film tells about the life and work of Alexandra Lvovna Tolstoy - the daughter of Leo Tolstoy. Part 1. Museum-reserve of Leo Tolstoy Yasnaya Polyana. Horses graze in the vicinity of the estate. Territory, pond, landscape of the surroundings of the estate, the grave of Leo Tolstoy, buildings, museum expositions. Director of the Museum-Reserve V. I. Tolstoy speaks about A. L. Tolstoy (synchronously). Museum-estate of L. Tolstoy in Khamovniki in Moscow. Museum building and expositions. Photos of Leo Tolstoy's family over the years from the collections of museums. Chronicle footage. 1909 Tula province, Art. Shchekino. Leo Tolstoy with his wife and daughter Alexandra descend from the cab, go to the station. L. Tolstoy with his wife, daughter Alesandra and others go to the station from Krekshino, Chertkov's estate. L. Tolstoy walks along the alley and the garden in the estate of the Sukhotin-Tolstoy. Part 2. Yasnaya Polyana (day and evening shooting). Birch alley. The interiors of the manor rooms. The territory and building of the estate museum in Khamovniki. Photos and documents of A.L. Tolstoy during the First World War. Footage from the chronicle. 1908 Yasnaya Polyana. S.A. Tolstaya, A.L. and T.L. Fat men with friends in the garden, in the courtyard of the estate, with their dog. A.L. Tolstaya and others on a cart, surrounded by children. 1910 L. Tolstoy sits on the Sukhotin-Tolstoy estate and makes notes. November 1910 S.A. Tolstaya with family members on the railway. station Astapovo. The funeral of L. Tolstoy. 1914-1916 World War I. Soldiers of the Russian army build fortifications, horse and foot soldiers in battle, attack, walk along a mountain road, carry the wounded, horses carry a stretcher with Sister of Mercy, Sister of Mercy enters the sanitary tent, sanitization of soldiers' clothes, prisoners pass by. 1917 Jubilant people on the streets of Petrograd. Moscow. Leaflets are scattered from a moving car, people are catching leaflets. 1920s Blown up bell tower. A woman with a child in her arms is walking along a winter road. Moscow. A.V. Lunacharsky leaves the House of Unions. The people at the House of Unions. The movement of horse teams, trams, pedestrians. Part 3. Yasnaya Polyana. V. I. Tolstoy speaks about the fate of A. L. Tolstoy (synchronously). A young man leads a horse with a cart from the gate of the estate. Dirt road. Photos and documents of A.L. Tolstoy, relating to different periods of her life. Women in a prison cell. The warden looks through the peephole of the prison cell. Religious procession on one of the Orthodox holidays (video filming). USA. The grave of A.L. Tolstoy at the cemetery. Footage from the chronicle. 1920s Moscow. Kalanchevskaya square. Leningradsky and Yaroslavsky railway stations. Embankments of the Moskva River. Lubyanskaya square. Vladimirsky (Nikolsky) gates. Panteleymonovskaya chapel on Nikolskaya street. Arbat Square. The movement of cabbies, trams, cars, cyclists. A. Yenukidze stands at the window. A. Yenukidze receives the Ambassador of Japan, there are members of the embassy and other officials. Kremlin. Cars are parked, drivers are at their cars. A detachment of Red Army men is passing by. People are queuing at the entrance to the Reception of the Supreme Council, waiting for the reception. MI Kalinin and others in the Reception of the Armed Forces, Kalinin is receiving the population. Athletes parade on Red Square. MI Kalinin among those present on Red Square. One of the lawsuits. The defendants and the convoy in the courtroom. Sukharev market. A.L. Tolstaya and others get out of the car. 1930s Railway carriage with the inscription "For Prisoners". Girls with things stand by the carriage, men with things come out of the carriage. Late 1980s The territory and building of the Church of the Annunciation of the Most Holy Theotokos. Temple gate and barbed wire fence. Children in the courtyard of the temple. Foreign chronicle. \ 1920s \ Women enter a cafe, sit at tables. The printing press is at work. Japan. Passers-by on the street of the city. Palace. Pagoda. Playbill. USA. New York. Statue of Liberty, Hudson Strait (from the top). Disembarkation of passengers of the ocean liner. The movement of cars in the city at night. The audience at the restaurant. Waiters and bartender at work.
G. Gataullina
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urban transport
, central government agencies
, automobile transport
, relaxation
, architecture
, places of detention
, leisure
, funeral
, museums
, landscapes
, repression
, crimes
, situation of different sections of the population
, sea transport
, everyday life
, cartage
, offenses
, court
, christianity
, public catering
, cities
, railway transport
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V. Izvekov
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