Days of the February Bourgeois-Democratic Revolution in Moscow

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Residents of the city, soldiers, workers, invalids of World War I go to the building of the City Duma on Voskresenskaya Square. Detachments of revolutionary troops in cars drive around the city, arresting police officers. Members of the people's militia are searching people. Soldiers' convoy near the building of the Butyrka prison. General view of the meeting of soldiers' deputies; general view of the meeting of officers and soldiers in the city square; the speaker is speaking. Equestrian messenger at the headquarters of the Moscow garrison on Arbat Square. Funeral of the victims of the revolution (March 5) - soldiers of the automobile company Anania Ursov, Ivan Samsonov and Vasily Metkov: the funeral procession moves along the streets of Moscow; soldiers carry banners with revolutionary slogans. The commander of the Moscow Military District, Lieutenant Colonel A. Ye. Gruzinov and other officers go around the lines of troops in Red Square; take a parade of revolutionary troops on Red Square (March 4). Representatives of the clergy, led by Bishop Modest of Veria, walk past the line of troops to the Spassky Gate. The plane circles over Red Square during the parade. AE Gruzinov with a bouquet of roses dropped from the plane by pilot Adam Haber-Vlynsky, addresses the people with a welcoming speech.
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, october revolution in russia
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