Dombay Is a Holiday for Everyone

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A film about the Dombay ski resort. Karachay-Cherkessia, Dombay. Types of the Caucasus Mountains in winter and autumn. Mountain river. Waterfall. Coniferous forests on the slope of the mountains. Snowfall in the mountains. General view of the village of Dombay. Hotel buildings. The building of the hotel "Mountain Peaks". Filming during a snowfall: tourists go down the cable car; a woman walks under an umbrella; skiers descend from the mountain; a man hides a small dog in his bosom; the girl shakes off the snow from her coat and hat. The boy and the girl are putting on sunglasses. A group of children is practicing the skills of uphill skiing; the instructor of children's ski courses is watching the children. Caucasian tur, roe deer, wild boars, bison, Caucasian deer in the forest. Alpine skiers ride on the mountainside. Photographers take pictures of tourists. Vacationers tug-of-war during mass games. People in the pool are jumping from the tower. Skiers sunbathe, go up the lift. General view of the cable car. Alpine skiers go down a steep mountainside. A skier performs rotations on alpine skiing. The boy descends from the mountain on an ice floe. Alpine skiers descend from the mountain on a track of increased difficulty, fall, jump from a springboard. A skier descends the mountain at high speed. General view of the mountain slope on which the skiers ride.
V. Grunin
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children and youth sports
, relaxation
, mountaineering
, tourism
, animal world
, vegetable world
, landscapes
, entertainment
, athletic facilities
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B. Nasimov
Other Creators
V. Kachurin, Yu. Litvinov
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