Echo of Distant Childhood

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The film sketch is dedicated to the old radio. PART ONE. Sand is poured in an hourglass. Various walking clocks on the wall. An antique clock is on the table. The watchmaker at work in the workshop. Summer, Moscow, an old house is reflected in the rear window of a car. Peeling wall of the house. Radio veteran Alexander Ivanovich Akhtyrsky is sitting at a computer, looking through old photographs on the screen, talking about those who started the business. View of the control room in the radio studio. Old detector radio. Announcer at work. Panorama of the Shukhov Radio Tower (Shukhov TV Tower). Panorama from a multi-storey building to the construction waste. View of the building destroyed to the base. Broken windows. Abandoned things of the former owners. - radio loudspeaker "plate". Open summer theater site, a man on the stage starts a gramophone. Elderly people dance on the playground in the park. The girl is dancing on the playground. Elderly women talk on a park bench. Passers-by on the streets of Moscow, advertisements on the walls of buildings, shop windows. Showcase of the jewelry store “Gold. Adamas ". THE SECOND PART OF. Moscow, panorama of the church building, domes, mirrored walls of the building next to it. Homeless people stand at the fence of the church, their faces. Young people smoke at the gate of the church. Icon of the Iberian Mother of God in the church. Refectory, women pray before cooking. Women cut vegetables, cut bread. Panorama across the table. Homeless people go to the refectory. A panorama of the icons on the walls in the temple, candles are burning. Traffic on the Crimean bridge, in the background - the building of the Central House of Artists, advertising "Megafon", "Ingosstrakh" on the roof. All-Russian Exhibition Center, there is a fountain "Friendship of Peoples", cr. pl. - "golden" sculptures of girls, symbolizing the 16 republics of the USSR. AI Akhtyrsky in his apartment talks about the phenomenon of radio. Vernissage in Izmailovo - merchants sell things, buyers examine the goods. Kr.p. - an antique sewing machine is for sale. A man lays out his goods on the ground - old irons, a samovar, jugs. Panorama of old watches for sale, old photographs, things. A man plays the accordion that he sells. Gramophones for sale. A radio loudspeaker "dish" stands on the ground among yellow leaves. An elderly salesperson is eating next to his product. Old figurines of Santa Claus, samovars are on the ground. Old shoes, earthenware. A young man and a girl are kissing on a bench in the park. A young mother carries her baby in a stroller along the park alley. Boys draw in notebooks sitting on a park bench. The girl takes care of flowers in the flower bed. The groom and the bride are photographed against the background of the fountain. Children jump under the streams of the fountain. THE THIRD PART. Summer, passers-by on the streets of Moscow. Showcases of clothing stores. The girls are sitting at tables in a cafe. A waitress serves visitors in a Japanese restaurant, visitors eat sushi. A man is drinking coffee at a table in a street cafe, reading a book. A young man walks down the street, smokes, reads an advertising brochure, a girl is walking next to him. A street musician plays the guitar on the Arbat, passers-by are throwing money at him. A woman gives souvenirs on the street, a dog sits nearby. A young man without a leg in the form of an airborne forces begs for alms on the street. Panorama of souvenir nesting dolls for sale on the street. Hats, gas masks, ceremonial uniforms, headdresses of commanders of the Armed Forces, budenovka, military insignia, medals, orders, academic badges for university graduates are displayed on the counter on the street. An orchestra of girls marching along the Arbat, followed by young people dressed in costumes of cartoon characters with balloons. Night, Tverskaya street, a fountain is working, traffic, advertising lights. New Arbat, cars are driving, the building of the KORONA gambling house (casino), the BANZAI gaming club, the METELITSA casino. Mercedes cars displayed in the window of the EUROPE casino. Advertising of the real estate agency "Druzhba". The interiors of an expensive store, a showcase of the meat department, showcases of the fruit and confectionery departments, the fish department, goldfish swim in the aquarium. Panorama of modern sculptures in the park. Wild grapes on a brick wall. Sand is poured in an hourglass.
A. Shahbazyan
Film ID
, holidays
, exhibitions
, public leisure facilities
, public catering
, christianity
, music
, situation of various populations
, broadcasting
, cities
, trade
, gardens and parks
, culture and recreation
, peoples life
Number of Parts
V. Gorbatsky
Other Creators
Written and directed by Artur Shahbazyan, cameraman Vadim Gorbatsky, sound engineer Viktor Trofimov
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