Eleventh Five-Year Plan Time and People

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Rostov-on-Don city: street traffic. Workers of the Rostselmash plant congratulate P. Kolesnikov on May 9. Labor lessons at school number 7 in Leninabad: girls sew, boys work at the machine. Says V. Ya. Gorin - chairman of the collective farm. Frunze of the Belgorod region. A tractor with a harrow is driving across the field. Assembling a harvester in the Rostselmash workshop. Conveyor line. The workers say. Discussion of the problem of teaching children from 6 years old. Queue at the Vino store. Dr. Dovzhenko conducts a hypnosis session for the treatment of alcoholism. Gorin speaks about the advantages of the work of the regional agro-industrial association. Scientific and industrial association "Cryogenmash": buildings, workshops, installations. The director of the association, VP Belyakov, is speaking. Computer science lesson at vocational school. Siberia. Completion of the construction of the Baikal-Amur Mainline: a meeting, round dances, games, mummers. The family history of the foreman of assemblers A.B. Novolodsky, the builders of the highway. Rural landscape. The Krasnaya Zarya collective farm. Field. Mowers and tedders are working. Says the foreman of the field breeders Guido. Department store in Tallinn, sales area, shop windows. Says the director of the department store T. Rückenberg, commodity experts, sellers. The general director of the machine-tool association "Machine-tool plant named after Ordzhonikidze" N. S. Chikirev speaks of increasing production efficiency. Party meeting at the machine-tool plant. D. D. Guido and Gorin talk about ways to reduce the influence of bad weather on the harvest. Victory Parade on May 9, 1985 Veterans are walking along Red Square. Mikhail Gorbachev's visit to France: a conversation between Mikhail Gorbachev and F. Mitterrand. M. Gorbachev's meeting with R. Reagan in Geneva. Conversation.
A. Pavlov
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the great patriotic war
, secondary vocational education
, communist parties
, collective farms
, railway transport
, state trade
, state holidays
, public holidays
, mechanical engineering
, political connections
, cities
, alcoholism
, medical and preventive care
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V. Maev
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