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The newsreel has seven plots. First part 1. The plot is about the African fish Chromis Bult, which hatches its offspring in its mouth. Chromis bullet in the aquarium. The female collects eggs with her mouth at the bottom of the aquarium. The female incubates the fry in her mouth. The fry leave the female's mouth. 2. The plot is about how you can get copies of any object with the help of electroforming. View of the Winter Groove in Leningrad. On the door of one of the apartments of a residential building there is a sign with the inscription: "Yakobi Boris Semyonovich". Laboratory staff demonstrate experiments in obtaining copies of any object using electroforming, including from a door plate. 3. A plot about time-lapse filming, with the help of which you can observe the dynamics of plant development. Summer forest landscape. Lightning. Time-lapse filming: plant shoots sprout from the ground; germination of a root from a seed; germination of a large number of seeds at the same time; leaves open on sprouts; seedlings grow and turn towards the light source; a cucumber grows, clinging to a stick with a whisker; dandelion flower close up; dandelion and tulip are revealed. 4. Plot about an octopus living in the Moscow Zoo. Octopus in the aquarium. The zoo employee feeds the octopus with meat, throws him a rubber toy. The second part of. 5. Plot about the monument "Millennium of Russia" in Novgorod. View of the monument. Selected fragments of the monument. Newsreel footage of the destroyed monument during the 2nd World War (winter plans); fragments of sculptures lie in the snow. View of the restored monument. Tourists near the monument. 6. A plot about the properties of yeast and their use. The dough rises in a pot with a lid (time-lapse filming). Ready-made buns, pies. 7. The plot is about the crane Zhurka, who lives in one of the villages. Zhurka on the roof of a rural house. A woman comes out of the house with a bucket and looks at the roof where Zhurka is standing. The woman empties the food from the bucket. The beetle goes to the feeding trough, drinks water. The crane is walking along the street of the village, standing near the building of the “Prodtovary” store. School of cranes in the sky. Zhurka escorts them with a shout.
N. Nikitkin
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, public leisure and recreation facilities
, physics
, biology
, rural settlements
, state trade
, villages
, animal world
, vegetable world
, monuments
, cities
, sculpture
, chemical physics
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