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The film tells how the appearance of Moscow changed in the 20th century. Part 1 of Rozhdestvensky Boulevard, there is a janitor with a broom, passers-by are walking. House number 10 in Seliverstov lane. Plates with street names NDP: “MILK PER. 3 "; "TABLE PER."; "HLEBNY LANE"; "KISELNYY DEADLOCK". Children's drawings. Children play with Christmas decorations, help decorate the Christmas tree. Part 1 uses photographs from the late 19th and 20th centuries of various years. Part 1 uses c / t plans: 1920s. Construction in progress, workers digging, transporting wheelbarrows, laying bricks. 1930s. Explosion of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Workers are pulling the rubble of a destroyed building. Women are sweeping the area. Layout of the Palace of the Soviets on the background of clouds. Statue of V.I. Lenin, which was supposed to complete the Palace of Soviets. On the wall there are two posters with the NDP: “THE REALITY OF OUR PRODUCTION PLAN IS MILLIONS OF WORKERS CREATING A NEW LIFE. I. STALIN "" INNOVATOR, NOTABLE STONE OF THE COUNTRY, DEPUTY OF THE SUPREME COUNCIL OF THE RSFSR COMRADE SHAVLYUGIN FEDOS DMITRIEVICH WORKS ON THE BRICK MASONRY OF THIS HOUSE AND TRANSFERS HIS WORKING METHOD. " Builders lay bricks on a conveyor belt. A tram is going by, a woman with a stick is sitting behind the tracks. A boy - a distributor of newspapers is running down the street, shouting something, holding out a newspaper through the tram window. The names of the newspapers folded together: "PRAVDA", "IZVESTIA", "RABOCHAYA GAZETA". June 19, 1934. Meeting of the Chelyuskinites in Moscow. On the street Gorky, cars are driving, leaflets are flying, on the sidewalk a poster with the NDP: "HELLO, CHELUSKINS!", Mounted police, on the sidewalks the public greets the heroes. On the fence hangs a banner with the NDP: "HERE MOSSOVET HOTEL WILL BE BUILT. 1937." Demolition of old houses on Gorky Street. Laying asphalt on the street. Gorky after the expansion. Metro builders are working: loading the wheelbarrows with earth, walking through the tunnel. 1950s. Children ride a carousel. Monument to A.S. Pushkin on Tverskoy Boulevard, August 1950. Mechanism for moving the monument to A.S. Pushkin from Tverskoy Boulevard to Pushkinskaya Square. 1970s. A brass band is walking along the street. Festive demonstration on Red Square. Neon sign with NDP: "GLORY, MOSCOW". Firework. There is a car with a banner with the NDP: "METRO-BUILDERS OF THE CAPITAL TO THE 50th ANNIVERSARY"; another car with banners with the NDP: "THE GENERAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN OF MOSCOW", "BY IMPACT WORK WE WILL TURN MOSCOW INTO A MODEL COMMUNIST CITY." The subway train enters the tunnel from the metro bridge. On a large television screen on Kalininsky prospect NDP: "1917 - 1972", "GREAT OCTOBER", portrait of V.I. Lenin. Oktyabrskaya metro station. The building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Smolenskaya Square. Arches of the northern entrance Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy. Monument "Worker and Collective Farm Woman". Part 2 Children play with Christmas decorations, help decorate the Christmas tree, play next to the Christmas tree. The corridor of the apartment, the door to the room opens, a woman sits on the couch next to the tree. The girl and the cat walk down the corridor, enter the room. Passers-by are walking along the snow-covered evening street and cars are driving. Snowy courtyard, there is a car, covered with snow. Two children walk through the yard to the entrance, disappear. The excavator destroys the house with a ball-baba. Fog spreads over the water. The roof of a house with a turret, a tree grows on the tower. The top of the bell tower, bells. V.Ya. Bakhmutsky sits at the table, talks about Virgil's Aeneid, gets up from the table, stands surrounded by students. In part 1, the following films are used: December 5, 1931, Moscow. Explosion of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. 1940s. Fireworks and searchlights over the Kremlin. Architect Ivan Vladislavovich Zholtovsky enters against the background of the construction plan. Hands put on white gloves. I.V. Zholtovsky draws a drawing on the glass in front of the camera. Architect's projects. Part 1 uses an excerpt from the cartoon "Poor Liza" (1978, directed by Garanin's Idea). Part 1 uses hand-drawn animation.
E. Kalinin
Film ID
wind orchestras
, visual agitation
, destruction of temples
, passenger transport
, architecture and public buildings
, city decoration
, periodic printing
, construction sites
, slogans
, posters
, monuments
, rest for children
, cities
, expeditions
, national holidays
, metro
Number of Parts
A. Nosovsky, F. Tursunov, M. Avloschenko
Other Creators
Scriptwriter E. Kalinina, sound engineer A. Zakrzhevsky, film director G. Tyukov, editor D. Chaadaeva, operators of combined filming T. Kobrin, E. Tarasov, animation L. Gurov, A. Vetyukova
Release Date