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British naval aviation in Thessaloniki "." General Sarrail was awarded the English order of St. Michael and St. George. "" The landing of Russian and Italian troops in Thessaloniki. " 1916 - Greece, Thessaloniki Front - British sailors take off the cover from the balloon. The balloon rises from the hold of the ship into the air. The British sailors lower the balloon into the hold by the slings. Two officers climb out of the balloon basket. The team prepares the seaplane for flight, start the seaplane engine The pilot. The seaplane takes off from the deck of the ship. The seaplane moves on the water. Panorama of Thessaloniki and the port from the seaplane. The British sailors pull the seaplane by the cables to the side of the ship and raise it to the palaba. - The English General Mahon hands over to the commander of the Eastern Army, French General M. Sarrail English order of St Michael and St George, British officers are standing nearby.Parade of British troops in honor of General Sarrail: passing through the field of artillery Lerian carts, drummers and infantrymen are passing. - The landing of the 2nd Special Russian Brigade in Thessaloniki. Russian officers, led by the brigade commander, General M.K. Dieterichs. Serbian, French and Italian officers descend the ladder behind the Russian officers. French, Italian and Russian soldiers are marching in columns along the streets of Thessaloniki. A ship with the first Italian soldiers moors to the pier. Disembarkation of Italian soldiers. The commander of the Eastern Army, General M. Sarrail, and the commander of the Italian troops on the Thessaloniki front, Petiti de Roreto, are receiving the parade of Italian troops. - General Essad Pasha, the commander of the Albanian troops, welcomes the greeters. General M. Sarrail, Essad Pasha, a group of military and civilians pass along the street of Thessaloniki along the line of soldiers and enter the building. A group of Russian, Italian, French gendarmes is walking along the street of Thessaloniki.
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