Exhibition of philatelistsExcursion to Ulyanovsk

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A film chronicle about the trip of a group of deaf tourists to Ulyanovsk, about the work of the sculptor Bagirov on the bust of the actor of the Theater of Mimics and Gesture V. Bodrov (V. Bonrov), about the 4th exhibition of deaf philatelists. The city of Ulyanovsk. Monument to V.I. Lenin on the embankment. A group of people speaking in sign language is passing by the building of the former county council. Tourists stand at the building of the V.I. Lenin, are photographed near the monument to M.A. Ulyanova and V. Ulyanov. Passengers on the deck of a pleasure boat. General view of the building of the Museum-Memorial named after V.I. Lenin from the river. Volga. Square named after the 100th anniversary of the birth of V.I. Lenin, bas-relief by V.I. Lenin on the building of the Lenin Memorial, filmed in the evening. Veteran of the All-Russian Society of the Deaf (VOG), actor of the folk theater A. Bochkov talks about the sculptor Bagirov in sign language. The sculptor Bagirov is working in the studio on a sculptural portrait of the actor of the Theater of Mimicry and Gesture V. Bodrov (V. Bonrov). Sculptures of Bagirov in the workshop. Actor V. Bodrov (V. Bonrov) poses for the sculptor. The actor and the sculptor speak sign language. Ready bust of the actor from wet clay. 4th exhibition of deaf philatelists. People sit at tables indoors; a woman speaks to the audience in sign language. Exhibitions "Great October in stamps" and "Mimicry and gesture in stamps". Exhibition of pennants. Presentation of diplomas and awards to the participants of the exhibition.
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