Exotic and Everyday Life of Malaysia

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The film tells about Malaysia: about the past and present of Malaysia, about its culture, religion and peoples inhabiting this country. Landscapes of Malaysia: sea, palm trees. Views of the capital of Malaysia - Malacca: city streets, rickshaws in the streets, the residence of Prime Minister Abdul Razak. General view of the cities of Kuching and Kuala Lumpur. Fishing by fishermen in Malaysia in the Indian Ocean, collecting rubber on the plantations of Ivey. View of the Tembeling River. Construction of a hydroelectric power station on the river with the participation of Soviet specialists. Life of the inhabitants of the Orang-Asli tribe - the aborigines of the Malay Peninsula and the inhabitants of the Dayaki tribe inhabiting the island of Kalimantan. Growing rice in Malaysia. View of Buddhist temples, a Hindu cave temple, a snake temple in Penang. Servant of the serpentine temple with snakes, the fortune-teller of the temple in front of the altar. A kind of shadow theater masks, ritual masks of Malay aborigines - Orang-asli, puppets from the puppet theater of India and Indonesia - Wayang-Golek. Manufacturing of Malaysian batik. Ceremonial presentation of diplomas to graduate students of the University of Malay.
D. Gasyuk, B. Golovnya
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higher professional education
, economic communications
, energy
, fishing
, theatre
, paganism
, population
, landscapes
, higher state bodies
, decorative and applied art
, malaysia
, buddhism
, cities
, plant growing
, hinduism
, peoples life
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D. Gasyuk, B. Golovnya
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