Facing the Village

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1st part. Collection of peasants. Cooperative shop. Village street. A city street, a house with a signboard "Leningrad State Publishing House", a shed with agricultural machinery, loading is in progress. 2nd part "a". Village street: a group of people, carts are going. Peasant hut. Church. Fist and cleric. The cows drink water. There is a camel caravan. A group of people are talking. A man sits at the fence of the hut, a woman approaches. An old man is standing by the porch. Workshop of the plant. 2nd part "b". A group of workers are sitting, reading a magazine. A group of peasants enters the house. There is a group of people at the shed of agricultural machines, a fist is standing, there is a priest. 3rd part. The peasants are working in the field, the tractor is working. A man and a boy with a horse. The peasant and the bull. Calves drink water. The peasants are working in the fields, dancing to the accordion. The peasant and the horse. The pig is grazing. Public dining kitchen. A group of peasants in the field. 4th part. Village street, cart rides. A street in a provincial town. A peasant's drive-in. There is a fist, a clergyman is sitting, they are talking. A group of cooperative workers is standing at the warehouse and talking. The presidium of the meeting of members of the cooperative, they say the speakers, listening. City view, church is visible in the distance. 5th part. A priest is walking along a rural street. A merchant at a shop with a sign: "Trade in all kinds of Zhivoglotov's goods." A merchant and a peasant, women are passing by. A group of peasants is loading a manufactory into a cart, carts with agricultural products are going to the city. The building of the workers' cooperative's board, the peasants are included in the manufacturing department. A cart with goods drives along the city street, drives up to the platform, loads the goods into the carriage. The peasant is sitting near the hut. The merchant stands at his shop.
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state trade
, cooperative trade
, rural settlements
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