Falcon and Berkut in Brazil

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Stay of the USSR pilot-cosmonauts A. G. Nikolaev and P. R. Popovich in Brazil. Meeting at the airport, reception by President of Brazil Joao Goulart. Trip of cosmonauts around the country: acquaintance with the city of Sao Paulo, visiting the international exhibition on aviation and space; exhibits of the exhibition: a model of an American stratospheric fighter, American space technology, a sports plane of the Brazilian pilot Ada Rocard; cosmonauts A. Nikolaev and P. Popovich put their autographs on the propeller of Ada Rocard's plane. A. Nikolaev and P. Popovich in the Atomic Center of Brazil inspecting a nuclear reactor, control panel; in the shop of the metallurgical plant they talk with the workers, write their autographs. Visiting the cosmonauts of the coffee plantation, the snake nursery of the research institute "Butantan". An employee of the institute takes poison from a cobra. Football match between the Brazilian teams "Santos" and "Flumenens". Moments of the game. Pele scores a goal. City of Belo Horizonte; streets, palm alley, the building of the State Governor's Palace. Governor Migaljaes Pinto receives A. Nikolaev and P. Popovich. Inspection by astronauts of the sights of the Brazilian cities of Ouro Preto, Rio de Janeiro. Volcano Corcovado. Statue of Christ. Copacabana ocean beaches; a walk of astronauts on a boat along the Guanabar Bay; laying a wreath at the monument to soldiers who died in World War II, in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Speeches A. Nikolaev and P. Popovich at meetings with Brazilians.
D. Bogolepov
Film ID
, industry
, physics
, nature
, cultural connections
, architecture
, air force
, football
, water sports
, aviation sports
, usa
, cosmonautics
, zoology
Number of Parts
D. Gasyuk, B. Golovnya
Other Creators
Sound V. Kutuzov, music V. Geviksman, text N. Denisov
Release Date