Ferry of Soviet Troops Across the Dnieper Near the Village of Kachkarovka in the Days of Retreat

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In August 1941. The 18th Soviet Army, retreating from the city of Nikolaev, is crossing the Dnieper near the village of Kachkarovka (between Zaporozhye and Nikolaev from the right bank to the left to Bolshaya Belozerka towards Bolshoy Toklyuk). Southern front, Kherson region. On the right bank, near the crossing, there is an accumulation of cars, tanks and military equipment. Trucks with Red Army soldiers are approaching. Views of the village of Kachkarovka. Preparations for the crossing of military equipment at sunset on the right bank of the Dnieper. Disguised tractors "Stalinets" are driving along the road, carrying guns. A camouflaged barge is transporting military equipment. The Red Army men land on the left bank. A military boat sails along the Dnieper. Disguised ferries, boats sail up to the left bank. Installation of a pontoon bridge. On the bridge are commanders and soldiers, under the bridge in the water, the Red Army is strengthening the bridge. Equipment drives into the pontoon bridge. Crossing to the left bank of the Dnieper by boats, barges, rafts. Military vehicles, tractors with guns, soldiers go down the road from the high left bank. The Red Army men are sitting on the shore, the boat is on the shore. A passenger car drives into the raft. The commanders on the raft are meeting the trucks. A camouflaged truck carrying Red Army soldiers (men, women) drives into the pontoon bridge. The Red Army men are winding up a rope on a pole on the shore. Cars move to the left bank from the raft. Trucks and buses are entering the ferry. A ferry with cars sails along the Dnieper. Red Army men are on the deck of a boat sailing along the Dnieper. The barge sails from the right bank. The commanders are at the pier on the right bank. Military equipment stands on the shore, next to a man on a cart carrying children, a woman walking next to the cart. A Red Army girl leaves the pontoon, followed by the rest of the Red Army soldiers (many of them are women). The Red Army soldiers are walking along a dusty road, equipment is driving.
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the great patriotic war
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M.I. Poychenko
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