Film Frames From the History of the Moscow Art Theater

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Artists of the Moscow Art Academic Theater: V. A. Verbitsky, F. N. Mikhalsky, V. L. Ershov, N. P. Batalov on the streets of Tbilisi, during the theater tour in Tbilisi in 1925. Secretary of the Central Executive Committee of the USSR I. Akulov presents K.S. Stanislavsky with the Order of Lenin (at the apartment of K. S. Stanislavsky; present: wife of K. S. Stanislavsky M. P. Lilina, granddaughter, Moscow Art Theater artists V. I. Kachalov, I. M. Moskvin and others (1937). A group of awarded artists of the Moscow Art Theater: B. L. Izralevsky, F. V. Shevchenko, S. M. Khalyutina, I. I. Gudkov, V. L. Ershov, A. O. Stepanova, E. S. Telesheva, Ya. I. Gremislavsky, M. N. Kedrov, O. V. Toporkov; I. M. Moskvin pins the order of A. K. Tarasova, next to N. P. Khmelev. American actors greet KS Stanislavsky and the troupe of theater actors after the play "Tsar Fyodor Ioanovich." , M. M. Tarkhanov, K. S. Stanislavsky, V. I. Kachalov, S. M. Khalyutina, E. M. Raevskaya, L. M. Koreneva, V. L. Ershov, F. N. Mikhalsky; speaking KS Stanislavsky. Fragment from the film "Concert on the screen" with the participation of IM Moskvin. astem of M.M. Tarkhanov and E.F.Skulskaya. A fragment from the film "The Man from the Restaurant" with the participation of Mikhail Chekhov.
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