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1 plot [Altai Territory], May 9, 1981 Celebration of the Victory Day in one of the settlements. A motorcade with flags drives along the street of the village. Residents of the village lay wreaths at the monument dedicated to the Great Patriotic War, among them pioneers, a photographer. There is a guard of honor at the monument. Stand with a banner: "36 YEARS OF VICTORY OF THE SOVIET PEOPLE!" At the podium are veterans, residents of the village. Speakers at the podium, among them the colonel. Residents of the village carry flags, banners with the People's Democratic Party: "BOTH THE WAR!" (155.1 m). 2 plot Chronicle footage from the filming of the feature film "By the Lake" (directed by SA Gerasimov, 1969). Altai Territory, Biysk District. Soviet actor, film director, screenwriter, writer Vasily Makarovich Shukshin stands on the road along which a truck is passing; sitting on a bench near the school; gives an autograph to a woman with a child in her arms; stands among the pines with a man; talking with a man in the room; visits a sable farm at the Lesnoy fur farm. A man is repairing a truck. Sables and minks on the territory of the Lesnoy fur farm (72.8 m).
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individual transport
, fur trade
, state holidays
, types of vehicles
, photo amateurism
, genre sculptures
, participation of pioneers in public life of the country
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