Filming of Peoples Artist of the USSR LO Utesov Art Workers His Family and Friends Amateur Shooting

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Actors M. F. Astangov, A. N. Gribov, N. S. Plotnikov, S. Giatsintova, B. Ya. Petker, M. V. Mironova, A. S. Menaker, E. V. Petrosyan, I. S Kozlovsky, M. Zharov, A. I. Raikin; writers: V. Ardov, L. Kassil, L. Oshanin. L.O. Utesov among family and friends. L.O. Utesov with his daughter in Riga, Copenhagen, London, Paris. Performances by circus performers. Evening in memory of V.E. Meyerhold. Speech by I. S. Kozlovsky. Speech by the orchestra L.O. Utesov. Celebration at the stadium. Banquet. Dacha L.O. Utesov. Guests at Utesov's dacha. Dining room of the sanatorium. Among the actors S. Giatsintova. View of the summer cottage village in the winter. Edith Utesova with children for a walk. VDNKh USSR. Streets of Moscow. L.O. Utesov with the musicians of the orchestra in Sukhumi. Vacationers in the country. L.O. Utesov in Peterhof. Edith Utesova on a boat with L.O. Utesov. M. V. Mironova and A. Menaker at the dacha. Types of Yalta. L. Utesov with his wife and daughter. Meeting L. Utesov at the station in Odessa. Types of Odessa. Types of Sevastopol. Orchestra rehearsal L. Utesov.
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, great britain
, exhibitions
, denmark
, spa assistance
, the circus
, sea transport
, theatre
, music
, cities
, railway transport
, peoples life
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