Five Pages From One Life

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A film about the Russian surgeon N.I. Pirogov. 1h - Monument to N.I.Pirogov. At the table talking academician B. V. Petrovsky and journalist L. Kolarov. Says Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Union of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies of the USSR VA Baltiyskiy. Fragments of a picture of the offensive of Napoleonic troops, a panorama of Sevastopol. Portrait of Pirogov. The old building of Moscow State University. Academician V. V. Kovanov gives a lecture to students. 2h - Sculptures. Drawings of human and human organs. Bust of Pirogov against the background of the building. Professor G. Krestypov and journalist A. Ermilov are talking at the table. The patient is given artificial respiration. The doctor looks at the x-ray. Conversation E.O. Tunder and L. Kolarov. Doctor of Medical Sciences A. D. Arapov is speaking. 3h - Doctors are performing an operation. Professor T. M. Darbinyan is speaking. Talking academician M. N. Kuzin and journalist L. Kolarov. Engraving - N.I. Pirogov doing the operation. 4h - The building of the marine assembly, on the building there is a memorial plaque to Pirogov. Pictures of the Sevastopol defense. Says Academician of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, Colonel-General of the Medical Service K. I. Smirnov. Chronicle: German planes are flying, guns are shooting, explosions, nurses are wounded. Chairman of the Central Committee of the Bulgarian Red Cross, Dr. K. Ignatov and talking with journalist A. Ermilov. 5h - Fragments of paintings and drawings of the assault on Shipka. Monument on Shipka. The buildings of the Rila Monastery. Monument to N.I. Pirogov in Bulgaria.
B. Lazarov
Film ID
, health care
, industry academies
, monuments
, international public organizations
, medical and preventive care
, medical sciences
, painting
Number of Parts
B. Lazarov, G. Epifanov, I. Zaporozhsky
Other Creators
I. Гольцев, А. Ермилов, Л. Kolarov, Z. Micev
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