For the Soviet Union No 5

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May Day demonstration of workers on Red Square in Moscow. On the podium of the Lenin mausoleum, USSR pilot-cosmonaut Yu. A. Gagarin, NS Khrushchev, members of the Soviet government. Czechoslovakia, Prague. The people welcomed the USSR pilot-cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. President of Czechoslovakia A. Novotny presents Yuri Gagarin the Gold Star of the Hero of Socialist Labor of Czechoslovakia. Bulgaria, Sofia. Meeting Yu. A. Gagarin at the airport by the first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Bulgaria T. Zhivkov. Residents of Sofia welcomed Yuri Gagarin. Spouses Nikitin with their daughter Alla at the airport in Moscow, meet the family of French patriots Offman, who saved Alla, who was born in France in a Nazi concentration camp. MP Georgadze presents the Order of the Patriotic War to Louise Offman, her husband Nicola and brother Eugene Lasha. The Offman family in Novosibirsk, where the Nikitins live. Sturgeon fishing in the Volga river. The winch lifts the net with fish. Production of granular caviar in the workshop of one of the factories. A powerful walking excavator made by Uralmash lifts rock in an open pit at the Nikopol manganese mine in the Dnepropetrovsk region, Ukraine. Workers of the Moscow Watch Factory receive wages without a cashier; Visitors to the working canteen in Kiev buy meals without a cashier; city transport on the streets of Moscow without conductors. Competitions between tennis players from Czechoslovakia and Latvia. A 13-year-old Vilnius schoolgirl Laima Balaisyte and a Czechoslovak athlete are playing. Moscow city. A rematch between world champion M. Tal and ex-champion M. Botvinnik. M. Tal and M. Botvinnik at the game. M. Botvinnik is wearing the world champion's laurel wreath. Circus performance of Armenian artists at the arena of the Moscow circus. Speakers: E. Ovanesova, L. Yengibarov, S. Isahakyan.
I. Bessarabov
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extractive industry
, science
, communist parties
, the second world war
, fishing
, cultural connections
, food industry
, sports
, time instrument industry
, state holidays
, tennis
, trade
, awards
, cosmonautics
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