Foreign Chronicle Number 4

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War between Iran and Iraq. The consequences of the actions of the armed forces of the belligerent countries: destroyed buildings, fires, wounded, killed. Thailand. River. The dam that blocked the river and caused, as a result of an engineering error during its construction, the flooding of a large area of the jungle and the death of animals. People help animals to get out of the water, remove them from trees. Evacuation of animals. USA. Fish farming personnel fire rifles with blanks to distract birds from toxic, contaminated water in a California river. River. Dead pets and birds on the banks of the river and in the water. Western Europe. River Rhine. [One of the chemical plants of the Sandoz campaign]. Spillway structures. Laboratory assistants make water samples. Polluted river bank. Italy. City of Rome. The movement of cars. Traffic fumes. Ancient architecture buildings and ancient sculptures, the surface of which is polluted by exhaust gases. Hungary. City of Budapest. Ferihegy airport. Airport control room. Aircraft landing. Takeoff of aircraft, aircraft in the air. Passengers when disembarking, landing, in airport lounges, passengers in the aircraft cabin. The stewardess serves passengers. Meeting people at the airport. (Daytime and evening plans. The plot is dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the Hungarian airline "Malev"). Europe. Winter landscapes. People on the streets. Transport movement. Young people are skiing, playing snowballs. USA. Lake Placid. Freestyle World Cup competition.
E. Hecker
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, automobile transport
, architecture
, fauna
, sports
, chemical industry
, sculpture
, landscapes
, ecological disasters
, wars and conflicts of the 2nd half of the 20th century
, cities
, air transport
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