Foreign Newsreel Number 10

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Romania, Bucharest. Celebrations in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Romanian Communist Party. Meeting. G. Georgiu-Dej speaking. Performances by artists at the Central Stadium. Firework. Bulgaria, Plovdiv. Construction of a lead-zinc plant. Japan. Demonstrations and strikes demanding higher wages and a change in foreign policy. The printed organ of the Communist Party is the Akakhata newspaper. Great Britain. Construction of the nuclear power plant at Hinckley Point. A group of Soviet construction specialists, including Professor V.S.Emelyanov. Italy, Turin. Palace Palazzo Sabauda. Italian President D. Gronchi examines the exposition of the museum, speaks in one of the halls of the palace. International Labor Exhibition. D. Gronki examines the exposition of the exhibition, including the Soviet pavilion. France. Testing of a nylon rescue net designed to prevent plane crashes. Poland, Szczecin. Construction of a cement plant. Holland, Veere. The movement of fishing vessels and steamers in the North Sea. (Netherlands). Closing the strait. Dam construction, installation of caissons. Germany West. Classes at the gliding school. The student sits in the glider cockpit. Glider in the air, landing. Glider pilots on the airfield. Mongolia. Development of virgin lands. The movement of tractors across the field of one of the farms (aimags). Performance by artists. Dancing laureate of the first World Festival of Youth and Students Nanjit (synchronously).
V. Sharapova
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, water industry
, building materials industry
, music
, communist parties
, energy
, periodic printing
, fishing industry
, gliding sport
, government
, exhibitions
, sea transport
, non-ferrous metallurgy
, aircraft construction
, agriculture
, social and political movement
, economic communications
, cities
, air transport
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