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Hungary. Meeting at the Budapest airport of the Soviet party delegation headed by the First Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee, Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR NS Khrushchev; as part of the Soviet delegation, the Minister of Defense of the USSR, Marshal of the Soviet Union R. Ya. Malinovsky, designer A. N. Tupolev. Among the greeters: First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Hungarian Socialist Party Janos Kadar and statesmen of the Hungarian People's Republic. A cortege of cars drives through the streets of Budapest. People on the streets greet distinguished guests. Members of the Soviet delegation are sailing along the river on a steamer. City of Visegrad. NS Khrushchev, Janos Kadar and their entourage get acquainted with the exhibits of the museum, visiting the excavations of the royal palace. China. View of the Xinanjiang hydroelectric power station under construction. Austria. View of the former Mauthausen concentration camp. Opening of the monument to the fallen prisoners. Laying wreaths. Opening of the youth park. Among those present: the leaders of the DPRK party led by Kim-Il-Sung. Types of the park. Rally in the green theater of the park. Argentina. City of Buenos Aires. Strikers on the streets of the city. Clash with the police. France. French scientist-astronomer Souen Dollfuss prepares a gondola for flight. Ascent into the air. Romania. Workers in a glass factory in Turda make vases and other items. Mexico. Bullfight. Bullfighter in the arena. USA. California State. Motorcyclists in the competition. Poland. City of Krakow. European Championships in gymnastic all-around. Athletes jump over a horse, perform exercises on uneven bars, floor exercises.
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korea north
, the second world war
, energy
, austria
, air transport
, archeology
, parks
, museums
, international political relations
, gymnastics
, youth organizations
, astronomy
, glass industry
, peoples life
, motorcycle sports
, strikes
, socialist parties
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