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Bulgaria. Demonstration on the occasion of the 19th anniversary of the establishment of people's power in the country. On the podium, the leaders of the party and government, headed by T. Zhivkov. Schoolchildren are presented with flowers. On the podium, Soviet cosmonauts V.V. Tereshkova, V.F.Bykovsky. Romania. Cement plant in Turda. Workshop. Workers. Finished pipes. Train with building materials. Yugoslavia. Work of the 5th international fair in Zagreb. Fair visiting the President of Yugoslavia JB Tito. Soviet pavilion. Visitors and JB Tito in the Soviet pavilion. USA. Demonstration in New York City against racial discrimination. Police disperse and arrest demonstrators. India. Signing of a contract for the supply of equipment and materials by the Soviet Union for the construction of the Bhakra hydroelectric power station. Contract. Construction workers. South Vietnam. American helicopters are bombing villages, forests, crops. Killed civilians. Romania. Housing construction in Bucharest. New houses. Germany. Demonstration of residents of Hamburg against nuclear weapons. Poland. Construction of the Druzhba oil pipeline. Bulgaria. Opening of a feature film studio in Sofia. Equipment manufactured in Soviet factories. Filming pavilions. Hungary. Extraction and processing of marble. Ladder, wall, column. USA. New York City Aquarium. Feeding small whales. Spectators. Switzerland. Preparation, flight, landing of a balloon that has flown over the Alps. Poland. Harvest Festival at the stadium in Warsaw. The leaders of the PUWP and the government are present. Mass dance.
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, economic communications
, energy
, exhibitions
, air transport
, rally and protest
, germanywestern
, racism
, state holidays
, construction industry
, animal world
, pipeline transport
, political connections
, wars and conflicts of the 2nd half of the 20th century
, borbazamir
, cosmonautics
, cinema
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