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Egypt (UAR), Cairo. Third Conference of the Peoples of Africa. Delegates in the hall. Among the speakers: the representative of the Nigerian Youth Congress O. Otekbeta, the delegate of British Cameroon N. Ngumaza, the President of the UAR Gamal Abdel Nasser, A. Kiveva (Congo), K. Chiume. Poland. Launching the tanker "Balaklava" at the Gdansk shipyard. China. Logging in Jirin province. Transportation of timber by rail. Morocco. Casablanca seaport. Ships in the port. Moroccan soldiers, recalled by the Moroccan government from Congo, where they were under UN command, go ashore. Hungary, G. Debrecen. Production processes at the automatic ball bearing plant. Japan. Fukuoka Prefecture. An accident at one of the mines. Rescue work. Portugal, Lisbon. Palace of A. de Oliveira Salazar. The streets of the town. A cork factory in the town of Alentejo. Manufacturing processes in the factory. Workers' village. School building. Residents of the village. Switzerland. Tests of special strength paper. Yugoslavia. Road construction in mountainous terrain. Holland, Bussim. A collection of watches in one of the museums. Finland. International skiing competitions. U. Kekkonen presented. Ski jumping. Among the athletes: O. Leodolter (Austria), Kankkonen (Finland), K. Tsakadze (USSR).
V. Sofronov
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fuel industry
, road transport
, school education
, catastrophes
, woodworking industry
, international connections
, timber industry
, sea transport
, museums
, government
, settlements
, skiing
, shipbuilding industry
, mechanical engineering
, cities
, pulp and paper industry
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