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May Day demonstrations, rallies in Sofia, Budapest, Berlin, Hamburg, London, Tokyo. In the stands, state and party leaders. Festively decorated columns of demonstrators, city streets. People carry banners, posters, slogans. Great Britain. Rally in Hyde Park against the threat of war. Japan. Those speaking at a rally in Tokyo demand the liquidation of American military bases and higher wages. Argentina. Striking workers in Buenos Aires. The police disperse the strikers, shoot. China. Session of the session of the National People's Assembly. Deputies in the hall. On the Presidium, party leaders, statesmen, including the Chairman of the People's Republic of China, Mao Tse-tung. Speakers are Mao Tse-tung and other delegates. Voting is in progress. Counting of votes. Liu Shao-chi was elected President of the People's Republic of China. DPRK. Panorama of Pyongyang. Construction work for the restoration of the metallurgical plant. Kim Chaka. Hungary. City of Budapest. Start-up of the country's first nuclear reactor. USA. Rocket launch at Cape Canaveral, Florida. France. Arrival of the Soviet delegation to Paris for the week of Soviet cinema. The delegation included: film actors S. Bondarchuk, P. Glebov, N. Myshkova, L. Abashidze. A boat trip along the Seine River. Opening of the week of Soviet cinema at the Normandy cinema.
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korea north
, metallurgy
, bulgaria
, germanywestern
, germanyeastern
, hungary
, state holidays
, international cultural ties
, higher state bodies
, nuclear power
, strikes
, cinema
, borbazamir
, police
, cosmonautics
, electoral system
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