Foreign Newsreel Number 9

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China. May 1, 1961 Festive demonstration. Boys and girls are dancing in the square. East Germany, Berlin. May Day demonstration. Czechoslovakia. Demonstration and physical culture parade in Prague in honor of the 1st of May. Bulgaria. Arda River in the Rhodope Mountains. Construction of the Kardzhali reservoir. France, Evian-les-Bains. The building in which was killed by a bomb thrown by terrorists, the mayor of the city, Camille Blanc. Algeria. Ultra-colonialist rebellion led by French generals Chalem and Salan, April 1961. Tanks and military vehicles moving through the streets of one of the cities. French officers on the streets of the city. France, Paris. Tanks on the streets of the city, as a result of the declaration of the city under siege. Demonstration of protest against the actions of ultra-colonialists in Algeria. Germany East. Saxenhausen concentration camp. Camp premises. Crematorium ovens. Gallows. Opening of the monument to the Prisoner. Meeting. V. Ulbricht is speaking. Hungary, Szekesfehevar. Former Soviet intelligence radio operator Lidia Martyschenko and Dr. Karoy Hornyansky, who helped L. Martyschenko to hide from the Gestapo during the Second World War, pass through the city streets. visit K. Hornianski's apartment. Fragments of the Hungarian feature film "Alba Regia". Cast: M. Gabor, T. Samoilova (USSR). Poland, Warsaw. Demonstration of clothing models of Czechoslovak fashion designers for the spring-summer season. Sale of knitted woolen products for women in the Jersey cooperative shop. USA. California State. Rodeo. Winner - D. Lindstrom.
G. Topanov
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, the second world war
, holidays
, international workers solidarity
, fashion
, revolutionary national liberation movement
, textile industry
, government
, water industry
, political connections
, monuments
, terrorism
, trade
, motorcycle sports
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