French Newsreel Eclair № 44

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Germany. Consequences of the explosion of an industrial building. Workers are dismantling the ruins. Builders are carrying out restoration work in the surviving part of the building. Prepared items, blankets. Military orderlies carry the wounded on a stretcher, take out the injured. [USA]. Race cars on the track. Cars are fueled with gasoline on the move. Morocco. Stay of French President G. Doumergue in Morocco: a parade of French and colonial troops in honor of President G. Doumergue; local residents dance in the square; President G. Doumergue with the captain of the Colbert on deck; the ship departs from the port of Casablanca. Italy. The wedding of Tsar Boris (Bulgaria) and Princess G. Savoi: a married couple parades in a group of guests. France, Le Havre. The ship "France" in the port. Passengers on board. Pilot Leon is among the passengers. Arrival of the vessel "France" to the port. Meeting of the pilot Leon, who arrived on the ship. Leon drives his car along the street of a city decorated with French flags. The crowd at the airport. The plane is in the hangar. Meeting of the pilot Leon in Paris.
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automobile transport
, catastrophes
, automobile sport
, sea transport
, political connections
, air transport
, special troops
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