French Newsreel Eclair

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Seaside: windmills, ancient fortress walls, lighthouse. The ship's crew and passengers on deck. Those present throw flowers into the sea. A group of men is walking through the cemetery on the seashore. Warships in the bay. The opening of a monument in one of the cities. Airfield at La Bourget. Plane "Junkers" in the air, lands at the airfield. A group of men get off the plane. Vichy. Members of the American medical delegation at one of the pharmacological enterprises. Members of the delegation are at the enterprise building, watching the production process. Views of Notre Dame Cathedral. Artists of the Parisian theater "Comedie Francaise" (M. Delorme and S. Sorel) in one of the scenes of the play based on the play by V. Hugo. The audience in the square watch the actors play. Start of auto racing. Cars pass along the street, along the highway. Participants in a car race on Rue Deville, passing through a railway crossing. Cars of various designs are driving along the highway. Among them is a Renault car produced in 1898. Filming in 1914: Marshal Joffre climbs an armored train, passes in a group of generals. [The President of France] welcomes Marshal Joffre. Unveiling of the monument to Marshal Joffre. Troop parade. Horse racing at the hippodrome. The audience in the stands watching the races. Ladies in trendy toilets.
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, automobile transport
, architecture
, sea transport
, horseback riding
, everyday life
, theatre
, chemical industry
, landscapes
, cities
, air transport
, ground troops
, motorsport
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