French Newsreel Eclair

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France, Paris. Literary competition winner, writer E. Bove poses for the camera. France, Paris. Representatives of the automobile companies General Motors and Shell shake hands outside the building where the rally participants' banquet took place. Cars participating in the rally near the building. France. A pack of greyhound dogs on the territory of the estate. Dogs run out to the feeders in the yard. A pack of dogs for a walk, accompanied by men. The priest blesses the dogs for the hunt. Hunters on horseback ride along the city street. France, Paris. Representatives of the district municipality inspect new houses in one of the blocks. France. Stopping the movement of vehicles and pedestrians on a city street in the minutes of the memory of the armistice. France, Paris. Military parade on the square near the Arc de Triomphe. Evening illumination on the Concorde Square. Japan. Opening of international athletics competitions. Performances by French athletes. Winner's reward ceremony. Mexico. Falconry at the stadium in the presence of President E. Gill.
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automobile transport
, architecture
, christianity
, literature
, athletics
, settlements
, gymnastics
, armed forces
, hunting
, local self-government bodies
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