French Newsreel Eclair Number 20

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USA. Louisiana. Young descendants of French colonists are holding in their hands the publication of a book in which all the former and current descendants of French colonists living in Louisiana are recorded. Cycling in France. Cyclists are passing along the street of one of the cities. Congratulations to the winners of the races. Motorists are standing by their cars. Departure of cars. Italy. [Venice]. International Art Exhibition (Fair). Arrival for the ceremony of dignitaries. Gondolas are at the embankment, floating. France. Paris. Arrival of the train to the station. Meeting of the tennis champions who returned from the competition. Competitions of motorcyclists in cars of different categories at one of the stadiums. France. Trial. View of the court session in the courtroom. USA. New York. The crew members of the ship "Bremen" are passing along the city street to the hotel. The people welcomed the sailors. Flyers are flying. Spain. Spring holiday in one of the cities. The audience on the street during the walk. Cooking. Men on horseback, decorated with flowers, drive along the street. One of the women sits behind the rider. France. Calais. Track and field marathon with 1600 athletes. Palestine. Jerusalem. Pilgrims in the square. Women are sitting on a stone wall. Children ride on carousels. France. Seaplane flight.
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, court
, everyday life
, cycling
, athletics
, population
, motorcycling
, cities
, railway transport
, air transport
, motorsport
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