French Newsreel Eclair Number 47

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France, Paris. The sculptor Yoachim Costa at work in the workshop. France. Testing a motor boat with a speed of 108 km / h. France, Paris. Race of the press peddlers on bicycles. France, Paris. Building, sales area of "Cing et Dix" store; buyers in the sales area choose fabric; toys in a shop window. France, Brest. Laying a memorial stone in the presence of navy officers; a military band is playing; columns of sailors are passing by. The consequences of the storm: a dilapidated sailboat, a broken mast, wreckage of the ship on the water. Turkish army officers are sitting at a table in the garden. A European in a top hat in a group of Turks. USA. Equestrian polo on mules. Belgium. Procession on a city street. Priests leading the procession. The procession participants light candles, carry the shrine under a canopy. The plane "G-38" at the airport. Preparing the plane for flight. Takeoff, flight, landing of the aircraft. USA, Washington. US President G. Hoover near the building. Japan, Tokyo. Fancy-dress children's holiday.
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out-of-school education
, trade
, catastrophes
, air transport
, river transport
, christianity
, horseback riding
, natural disasters
, sculpture
, peoples life
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