French Poilus Tale Soldiers of the 9th Company

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Fiction film - Part I (196.6 m.) - Soldiers - "poilu" (in the role of one of them - the actor Gaston Modo) find a young guy in the destroyed house and accept him as a comrade. Soldiers - "poilu" report to the officer the results of the intelligence. German spies (man and woman) drive a Red Cross car, stop on the road, and make an ambush with a rope stretched across the road. A signalman riding a bicycle is ambushed, tied up and a package with an order is taken away. Spies replace the order in the package with another. A spy, dressed in a French uniform, gives the captain a fake order. The spy cuts the communication wires. The "Poilu" soldiers suspected an imaginary messenger and caught him at the moment when he cut the communication wires, but the spy managed to leave in a Red Cross car. "Poilu" find and untie a real messenger. - Part II (222.1m.) - French officers and soldiers talk with a wounded comrade. General [J. Geoffre] and officers stand in the square (documentary footage). Awarding the Order of the Smallest Poile in France. The officer assigns a task to the soldiers - "poil": search for German spies (men and women) driving around in a Red Cross car. Two "poilu" (in the role of one of them - the actor Gaston Modo) find a note in German among the ruins of a house. “Poilu” is stopped by a car with a journalist in it. The journalist is being interrogated by a French captain. An English officer confirms the identity of the French journalist. The journalist translates the found "poile" note from German. Two "puilus" in the journalist's car go to the meeting point of the German spies indicated in the note. The two puilus kill the male spy and capture the female spy. A "poilu" soldier rushes in pursuit of a spy who has left in a Red Cross car and pursues him on a motorcycle, captures the spy.
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