Friends Open Hearts

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Arrival of foreign guests in the Soviet Union: guests go down the plane, pass in buses, taxis, cars. Hotel "Russia". Guests at check-in, enter the elevator, into the rooms. Sleeping room of the hotel. A restaurant. Service Bureau. Tour agency. Prospectuses. Moscow (top view). Manezhnaya Square, Red Square, Ivan the Great Bell Tower, the Palace of Congresses, the Assumption Cathedral. Sightseers at the observation deck. Building of Moscow State University. Hungarian student Janos Tar defending his Ph.D. thesis, at a dacha near Moscow, playing ping-pong, at dinner. Foreign students near the Peoples' Friendship University. Youth Friendship Camp in Petrozavodsk. Students play volleyball, swim, listen to the performances of the Finnish singer. Pioneer camp "Artek". Pioneers on the Sochi beach. Square, hotel. Lake in the mountains. Barbecue in the open air. Advertising of the cities of the Soviet Union (multrabota). Leningrad. Neva with drawbridges. Summer garden. Fountains of Petrodvorets. Filmed by foreign cameramen. Guests on the island of Kizhi. Intercession and Transfiguration churches in Kizhi. Vilnius city. Gedeminas Castle. Musician R. Guchas performs a bell symphony. Streets of Vilnius. The city of Rostov. Rostov Kremlin. Vologda lace makers weave lace. Palekh boxes. Moscow. Building a house for foreign specialists. A Soviet master is training young Afghan builders. Aviation holiday. Airplanes, helicopters at the exhibition. Aircraft perform aerobatics. Exhibition "Intergormash-67". Conclusion of trade deals at the exhibition. International Exhibition "Clothes". Fashion designers at a reception with a unique collection of historical costumes and evening dresses hosted by an Italian firm. Foreign guests share their impressions of their visit to the USSR (synchronously).
I. Zhukovskaya
Film ID
economic communications
, urban transport
, applied art
, leisure
, cultural connections
, public service
, out-of-school education
, garment industry
, higher education
, public catering
, international tourism
, monuments of history and architecture
, aviation
Number of Parts
O. Lebedev
Other Creators
Scriptwriter L. Los
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