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The film is dedicated to the construction and commissioning of the Bhilai Metallurgical Plant (India). India. Landscapes of the Himalayas, Indian Ocean, jungle. Urban and rural settlements. Residents at work, at home. Buddhist temples. Delhi city. Types of streets, buildings, embankments. Monuments of history, architecture. Smelting has become an ancient Indian way. Production processes at the iron foundry in Benaris. Development of a coal deposit in Korba. Rajara ore deposit. Bhilai city. Bhilai Metallurgical Plant. Construction, adjustment of equipment, start-up of the plant together with specialists from the Soviet Union on the basis of the Soviet project and equipment. Reception of Soviet equipment in the port "Visa Gapotnam". Transportation by rail. Manufacturing processes at the plant. Smelting of cast iron, steel, rolled steel. Indian and Soviet workers, specialists at work, at home. Children of Soviet and Indian specialists in the classroom at school. Training of specialists at the Institute of Bhilai. Visit to the plant D. Nehru. A visit to the plant by Nikita Khrushchev. Nikita Khrushchev speaks at a rally (sinhr.). Nikita Khrushchev's visit to India. NS Khrushchev and D. Nehru. The signing of the Soviet-Indian agreement on economic and cultural issues. D. Nehru's visit to the Soviet Union. D. Nehru in Moscow, visiting one of the factories. Manufacturing of equipment for the Bhilai Metallurgical Plant at Soviet enterprises. Loading and dispatch of goods in the Odessa seaport. Metallurgical plant "Azovstal". Stalevar A. Komkov teaches an Indian steelmaker how to melt steel.
V. Boykov
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, nature
, cultural connections
, architecture
, festivities
, vegetable world
, mining (extractive) industry
, plant growing
, water use
, leisure
, metallurgy
, central government agencies and institutions
, landscapes
, school education
, everyday life
, sea transport
, water supply
, professional education (higher)
, economic communications
, export goods
, political connections
, entertainment
, cities
, buddhism
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L. Kotlyarenko
Other Creators
journalists G. Isachenko, V. Gorokhov, music producer Y. Bazylevsky, consultant N. Filippov
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