From Spring to Spring

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The heroes of the film are cotton growers of Uzbekistan: three times Hero of Socialist Labor Hamrakul Tursunkulov, Mannap Jalalov and Inobat Akhunova (sister of Tursuna Akhunova), overcoming unfavorable natural and weather conditions in the process of growing cotton. Chairman of the collective farm "Shark-Yulduza" ("Star of the East") Kh. Tursunkulov shows the cotton plantations in the Tashkent oasis to foreign guests. Members of the brigade I. Akhunova plowing a field for cotton in the Hungry Steppe. Members of the brigade M. Jalalov say goodbye to fellow villagers, move to the virgin lands of Central Fergana. Members of M. Jalalov's brigade drain swampy lands, wash saline lands; sowing cotton. Cotton fields flooded from the rain. The earth cracked from the summer heat. Watering cotton fields. Cultivation of cotton. Harvesting cotton with cotton harvesters. Cotton in the rain. Kh. Tursunkulov's cotton fields under the snow. The picked cotton is sent out on the ground. Drying cotton under the sun; drying plants. Cotton collection point. Celebrating the 70th anniversary of Kh. Tursunkulov. Inobat Akhunova and her husband on their wedding day. M. Jalalov's mother comes to visit him; guests at the table. M. Jalalov is taking exams at the Tashkent Agricultural Institute. Members of M. Jalalov's brigade are blocking the dam. The water washes away the cotton. People work.
M. Kayumov
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collective farms
, international connections
, cotton growing
, higher education
, everyday life
, natural disasters
, percussion
, agriculture
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M. Penson
Other Creators
Screenplay by Y. Karavkin, sound by D. Akhmerov
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