Gesers Land

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The film is dedicated to the 1000-year history of the Buryat heroic epic "Geser". The film tells about the culture of the Buryats of the Baikal region, about the influence of religions - pagan, Buddhist, Christian on the life of the Buryats. The film includes the following filming: 1 part. Landscapes of Buryatia: steppes, mountains, lakes, fields, rivers, forests (including shooting from a helicopter); landscape of the setting sun, views of Baikal, interview with shaman S.M. Malanov (sinhr.), view of the sacred mountain Mankhai, rock paintings on the Sagan-Zaba rock, external and internal views of the Buryat shaman pantheon. 2 part. General view of the shaman's attributes, the shaman's ritual dance, the celebration of Taylagan - a ritual of collective sacrifice in one of the Buryat villages. 3 part. Sacrificing a horse during a collective sacrifice, preparing a ritual festive meal from the meat of sacrificial animals, a family prayer with the participation of a shaman, a general view of the rite of worship to the "Ardai elders" performed by the elder of one of the ulus Nicholas and the shepherd Vasily. 4 part. Rite of worship to the "Ardai elders": fumigation, wine sacrifice, ram sacrifice, cooking meat; the work of the hereditary blacksmith Arkhip Romanovich in his smithy. 5 part. General view of national decorations, embroideries made by Buryat craftsmen, meeting guests in the village of Nagalyk, preparing festive dishes and drinks, general view of household utensils in a yurt. 6 part. Reception and refreshment of guests in the village of Nagalyk. Preparation for the wedding ceremony in the village: women dress up the bride, prepare food, meet the guests: the movement of the wedding train with the bride and groom. 7 part. Interview of the researchers of the Buryat folk epic M.P. Khomonov and A.I. Ulanov (sinhr.). General view of illustrations in the publication of the folk epic "Geser". Children at school read a poem (sinhr.).
L. Kupershmidt
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, school education
, everyday life
, christianity
, settlements
, landscapes
, buddhism
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A. Gorelov
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