Green Ring

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Moscow region. Forest landscapes. Bears in the forest. Owls on the tree. Forest parks. Glades with flowers. Tourists in the forest. They break the branches of a flowering bush, a berry bush, come out of the forest with large bouquets of flowers. Tourists rest by the fire, chop branches, break trees, trample young shoots of trees. The forester bypasses the territory of his forest area. Examines trees, chops off dry branches, examines the bark of trees. Forestry workers plant acorns in the ground. Nurseries (planting) of young oaks, pines, fir trees, silver trees, cypress. Moskva River, Moscow Canal, one of the reservoirs. Movement of boats, yachts, motor boats. Bays "Joy", "Silence", "Living Water". Hares in the forest. Elk eat young shoots of trees, go out onto the highway. A herd of sika deer. A forestry worker feeds the reindeer with apples. Geese swim in the pond. Planting trees in one of the new districts of Moscow. Rest houses, boarding houses, a beach on the banks of the Moskva River. Winter landscapes. "Walrus" dives into the ice-hole. Ice fishing. Skiers in the forest. Ring road. Transport movement. Landscape of the setting sun on the Lenin Hills in Moscow.
N. Prozorovsky
Film ID
road transport
, public leisure facilities
, environmental protection
, river transport
, tourism
, forestry
, animal world
, vegetable world
, sailing
, cities
, railway transport
Number of Parts
N. Prozorovsky
Other Creators
music R. Gubaidullin, sound engineer A. Kamionsky, consultant A. Mints, editor E. Guseva, script D. Vasiliu
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