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A film about the life and life of Maxim Petrovich and Ksenia Iosifovna Tokushevichs, whose family history goes back 200 years. 1 part of the Byelorussian SSR, Borisov district, Sokovshchina farm. A room in a village house: Ksenia Iosifovna Tokushevich lights a kerosene lamp; kindles a fire in a stove; peels potatoes. K.I. Tokushevich and Maxim Petrovich Tokushevich are sitting at the table in the room, drinking milk, eating black bread. Maxim Petrovich and Ksenia Iosifovna are putting manure into the cart; the cart is being driven into the field; fertilize the field. Maxim Petrovich grazes goats; collects water from a well; sawing a branch of a tree in the forest; carries a log; works on a foot operated locksmith. Part 2 of the Byelorussian SSR, Borisov district, Sokovshchina farm. M.P. Tokushevich works at a locksmith's workbench; on a locksmith machine with a foot drive; grazing goats; pulls a cart with logs; in the yard with a knife removes bark from a log; in the room plays the homemade harp. K.I. Tokushevich in the room covers the icon of Mary Magdalene (not in canonical writing) with a towel; prays at the icon. Maksim Petrovich stands in the room with medals in his hands, says (sinhr., In Belarusian) that during the Great Patriotic War he was awarded medals "For Victory", "Star of Glory"; tells how he took the Germans prisoner and did not allow others to shoot them. 3rd part of the Byelorussian SSR, Borisov district, Sokovshchina farm. M.P. Tokushevich in the room; on the table are the harp he has made. Maxim Petrovich and Ksenia Iosifovna in a room with a goat. Ksenia Iosifovna makes the bed, blows out the fire in the kerosene lamp. Maksim Petrovich speaks (sinhr., Behind the scenes, in Belarusian) about how he makes the harp; that gusli have a “soul” in strings; how the strings should be fixed on the harp; how he started to make gusli.
А. Kanevsky
Film ID
, rural settlements
, bytsel population
, individual farm and urbanism
, memories of war
, hobbies
, goat breeding
, icons
Number of Parts
G. Masalsky
Other Creators
scriptwriter A. Kanevsky, sound technicians V. Golovnitsky, V. Kravtsov, composer V. Kopytko, editor I. Demyanova, editing N. Efimova, directors O. Eyhart, O. Pavlov
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