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Western Front, Gzhatsk, March 6, 1943 Commander of the 29th Guards Rifle Division of the 49th Separate Rifle Brigade of the 5th Army, liberating the city of Gzhatsk from German occupation, Major General Andrei Trofimovich Stuchenko visiting the Bespalov family: the hosts at home Aleksandra Ivanovna Bespalova, Mikhail Savich Bespalov and other family members meet guests - A.T. Stuchenko and the officers accompanying him. Arriving guests greet everyone. AT Stuchenko sits down at the table, the master's little grandchildren are sitting next to them, whom he treats with chocolate. AT Stuchenko talks with the mistress of the house. Alexandra Fedorovna Bespalova shows photographs of her sons and a photograph of her daughter, whom the German invaders hijacked to work in Germany. AT Stuchenko sits at the table, drinking tea. General view of the destruction in Gzhatsk: city streets with destroyed houses and temples. Parts of the Red Army are on the streets of the city. A panorama of the troops on the city square during a rally after the burial ceremony of Soviet soldiers who died during the liberation of Gzhatsk from the Nazis. Columns of troops are on the square, in front are the standard bearers. Troop commanders receive the parade, standing against the backdrop of a destroyed and burned building. General view of the dilapidated temple of the Kazan Mother of God.
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the great patriotic war
, railroad transport
, road transport
, ruined temples
, cities
, seven frontline soldiers
R. Carmen, A. Elbert
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