Health No 94

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The magazine includes the following plots: 1 plot. About mercy. General view of the operating room in the 6th Gradsky hospital. Surgeons perform heart surgery. A patient in the intensive care unit. Father Gerasim with the parishioners of the Epiphany Cathedral at the patient's bed in the ward. Parishioners take care of the sick. Interview with Father Gerasim (sinhr.). 2 plot. Unique. View of a blooming apple tree, bees on a flower. The head of the medical-advisory apitherapeutic cooperative "Unicum" (treatment with bees), Candidate of Medical Sciences MM Frenkel, is receiving the patient. View of diseased joints on the fingers of one of the patients. Treatment of diseased joints with bee stings. An ophthalmologist examines a patient's eyesight. A nurse in a treatment room puts bees on patients. General view of Kalinin Avenue. 3 plot. Know and remember. The type of sick children with hereditary diseases. The doctor examines the sick child. The dentist examines the boy's oral cavity - teeth, bite. Children with developmental disabilities study with educators in a specialized kindergarten. Surgeons perform an operation to remove a child's ear diverticulum. The doctor of the Department of Medical Genetics of the Moscow Medical Dental Institute fills out the medical genetic card during the patient's appointment. Children are doing exercises in the gym. 4 plot. In the name of health. Meeting of doctors of the medical unit No. 1 of the Likhachev Moscow Automobile Plant. General view of the filing cabinet in the registration of the medical unit. The doctors of the medical unit are receiving patients. View of a pharmacy in the medical unit. Sports activities in the health complex of the automobile plant: employees of the enterprise play table tennis, exercise on simulators, swim in the pool. Children learn to swim in the pool.
L. Schwartz, A. Torgalo, L. Boldyreva
Film ID
medical services for the population
, swimming
, situation of children
, table tennis
, christianity
, pharmacy business
, cities
, medicine
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V. Kolyushev, V. Sveshnikov, E. Chukovsky
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