Help From Sevastopol to Odessa

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The chronicle material is dedicated to the defense of Odessa from August 5 to October 16, 1941. Boxes 1 - 13, 15. The city of Sevastopol. Sailors of the Black Sea Fleet in the ranks. Meeting. A brass band is playing. Detachments of sailors are on the streets of the city. Sea port. Loading the ship. The sailors climb the ladder. Seeing off at the pier. Warships in the harbor. The movement of ships with sailors. Views of the city from the sea. Lighthouse. General views of the city. The city of Odessa. Construction of defensive structures, fortifications, barricades in the city and its surroundings. Houses destroyed by the bombing. Homeless civilians on the ruins. The bodies of the killed. Life and everyday life of city residents. Selling vegetables at the market. An elderly woman distributes cigarettes and matches to the soldiers, a girl gives the soldiers water to drink. A woman treats soldiers with homemade wine. The soldiers are dancing and waltz dancing to the accordion with the inhabitants of the city. Residents of the city buy newspapers at the kiosk. Tram and car traffic. Trucks with soldiers and sailors are going by. The building of the opera house against the background of barricades. Ruined house number 13 on Pushkinskaya street. Wedge movement. Repair of an armored train. Types of streets, buildings of ancient architecture. The building of the opera house. The location of the land and sea forces of the Soviet troops. Commanders at command and observation posts. Artillery, infantry units in positions, in battle. Artillery shoots. Actions of miners and sappers. Mineral dog training. Captured Romanian soldiers. Interrogation of the prisoner. Soviet soldiers escort captured Romanian soldiers and trophies. Trophy weapons, ammunition, artillery pieces. Admission to the party in the land, flight and sea units. Pilots of one of the units, before flying on a combat mission, board the planes. Aircraft in the air. Soviet warships at sea. Ship guns are shooting. Sailors and officers of one of the units of the amphibious assault are observing. Speech by artists in front of the soldiers on the front line. Loading the ship in the Odessa port. Soldiers, sailors, civilians sit on the ship. Loading ammunition, weapons, equipment, horses. Box 14. 1941 In the area of Kiev. Headquarters of the commander of the Southwestern Front. The front commander, Hero of the Soviet Union, General MP Kirponos washes his hands under the washstand in the courtyard of the headquarters building, talks to the officer on the porch, enters the building. [Front headquarters] officers are present. A passenger car is at the fence of the building. NS Khrushchev, a member of the military council of the Southwestern Front, passes through the courtyard, salutes.
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