Homatek Towards the Market

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The film tells about the Soviet-German firm "Homatek", formed by the machine-building firm "HEINEMANN" and the Ordzhonikidze Moscow Machine-Tool Association, about the president of the firm "HEINEMANN" R. Lange and about his Soviet-German projects in the field of economics and culture. FIRST PART. Germany, state of Baden-Württemberg. Transport movement on the highway. The territory of one of the private woodworking enterprises. Automatic transportation of logs on site. Stacks of boards and beams under a canopy at the finished product warehouse. General view of St. George. Hotel building. Transport traffic on the city street. The building of the "HEINEMANN" company. President of the company "HEINEMANN" R. Lang in the office for a conversation with the employees of the company. The building of the house of R. Lang. R. Lang at home with his family. Moscow. St Basil's Church. A car of the "Homatek" company drives along Vasilyevsky Spusk. Production processes for the assembly of automatic lathes of the company "Homatek" in the workshop of the Moscow Ordzhonikidze Machine-Tool Association. The director of the company "Homatek" V. Savin and the president of the company "HEINEMANN" are in the office for a conversation. THE SECOND PART OF. Germany. Waterfall, mountain valley. The building of the Catholic Church. Hotel building in St. George. Students of the Moscow Technical University in the classroom in educational technological centers, organized by the president of the company "HEINEMANN" R. Lang in Germany and in Moscow. R. Lang and the architect are discussing the layout of the building of the Moscow Technology Center. Photos of R. Lang during his stay in China. R. Lang gives an interview in which he sums up the results of the five-year work of the company "Hometek" (synchronously). Sales rooms of one of the department stores. A wide variety of clothing in the sales area. Moscow. Models of the Moscow Fashion Center demonstrate dresses and costumes. Trading halls of GUM. Empty shelves in one of the halls. Demonstration of the work of the "Hometek" automatic lathe in the workshop: automatic threading of parts, automatic tool change, automatic control of the manufactured part and other technological operations. THE THIRD PART. Germany. Production processes for the manufacture of window frames and doors at one of the construction companies. Director of the company "Homatek" V. Savin examines the production of window frames. R. Lang at home. Moscow. Workshops of the Grabar All-Russian Art Scientific Restoration Center. Restorers at work. Icons in the workshop. Director of the restoration center A.P. Vladimirsky gives an interview in which he talks about a joint project with R. Lang of a modern restoration center (synchronously). Building, repair shops of the Mercedes-Benz car service station. Station employees are negotiating by phone, talking with customers, repairing cars. Director of the company "Homatek" V. Savin talks with representatives of the station management.
M. Ditkovsky
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S. Rahomyagi
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