Honored Worker of Culture of the Yakut ASSR Fedot Semenovich Argunov

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General view of the village. Panorama of one of the streets (removed from the movement). FS Argunov is sitting at a table in his office; writes; chooses a book in a bookcase, makes notes in a notebook. The boy brings F.S. Argunov parcels with seedlings. Session: those present make notes in a notebook. A teacher in a botany lesson: shows the children a plant in a pot, talks about it. The inscription on the building "Toybohoy Museum of Local Lore". FS Argunov enters the museum. The guide takes the students through the halls of the museum. Close-up - faces of children. A panorama of museum exhibits - stuffed animals and birds, objects of decorative and applied art, old guns, mammoth tusks, national Yakut costume. Hall with archaeological finds. The inscription "Wildlife Corner". Animals in open-air cages on the street. The clerk gives hay to the fawn. FS Argunov examines a rabbit being held in his arms by a zootechnician. Sable in a cage. The man feeds the animals in the cages. The women feed the geese. The girl is feeding the turkeys. Women wash their cells. The woman is pouring millet to the pigeons. Boar cages. FS Argunov talks to women in cages with animals.
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animal husbandry
, school education
, museums
, settlements
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