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Kinoalmanakh consists of three scientific and educational films: "Gifts of the Volcano" about the chemicals raised by the volcano from the underground; “Let's Think” about the design of electronic machines; "Glorious Beast" about a tame otter. Part 1 Film 1 "GIFTS OF THE VOLCANO". Indonesia. View of Indonesia from the plane. Volcanoes in Java. Clouds of volcanic gases in the crater. Streets of Surabaya on Java island. Local residents on bicycles, a girl on a motor scooter on the streets of the city. Carriage of passengers on cycle rickshaws. Members of the volcanic expedition of the USSR Academy of Sciences are walking along the trail in the jungle to Ijen volcano. Sulfurous lake in the crater of the volcano. Dried trees along the shores of the lake. Gases burst out of the volcano. The members of the expedition inspect the volcanic minerals on the shore of the lake. Yellow flakes of sulfur in the lake. The junction of a river with acidic water that forms in a crater and a river with fresh water. Baniputikh River; dissolved aluminum salts in turbid river water. Irrigation canal view. Part 2 Indonesia. Dolphins in the sea. Members of the volcanic expedition of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR on a motor ship, on a boat heading to the underwater volcano. View of a small black stone in the sea - the top of a volcano hidden under water. Underwater filming: view of the volcano under water; a scuba diver with a geological hammer swims near the slope of a volcano, beats off a piece of volcanic mineral; coral jungle; volcanic gases escaping from cracks in stones, salts of iron and manganese on stones. An explorer draws a map of an underwater volcano. Volcanoes on about. Java. Film 2 LET'S THINK. Three wise men in the palace are checking which of them is the wisest (dramatization). The robot moves along the corridor, drives up to the engineer's desk, who gives him the command to go to the place (sync.). Demonstration of the capabilities of a cybernetic wedge that reacts to light, sound and touch. The internal structure of the wedge. Part 3. An engineer tells students about the device of an electronic machine. Schoolgirl and schoolboy play tic-tac-toe with an electronic machine. The internal structure of an electronic machine. Visitors to the reading room of the library. Diagrams of the device of an electronic machine. Experts assemble an electronic machine and work on it. Illumination on a Moscow street on the eve of May 1. Illuminated newspaper on the roof of the Izvestia newspaper building. The text of the running line: “The prank of children with fire often leads to a fire. Hide matches from children! " Colored light bulbs that make up the illuminated newspaper. The girl is typing on a machine on which the program is translated onto a paper tape with holes. The punched tape moves in the apparatus. Obelisk in honor of the space explorers in the Ostankino district of Moscow. Part 4 Film 3 "GLORIOUS BEAST" View of one of the Moscow streets in spring. The snow is melting on the lawn. Boys watch the slope melt on the sidewalk. A passenger car, bus and other cars are passing along the highway. Trainer T.V. Gabidzashvili carries an otter in his arms. Passers-by stop, examine him, children stroke him. An otter named Earring in the room swims in a bath of water, plays with a stream of water, runs around the room. The trainer feeds him with fish. The trainer, together with topographers, carry out measuring work in the field near the river. An otter runs across a snow-covered field, along a river bank, dives under the ice in a river, emerges with a fish in its mouth. A fisherman with a fishing rod sits near the hole. An otter emerges from the hole with a fish in its mouth. The fisherman runs away. Topographers approach a house in the woods. A dog on a chain near the house. Laundry is dried on a line near the house. The men sleep in the house. The otter looks out the window. The trainer is looking for the missing otter on the river bank in the forest. Spring flood on the river. Part 5. An otter peeps out of a groove, runs along a stream, swims in a river, sits on the bank. Two moose in the forest. A lynx on a tree prepares to jump. A duck and a drake float down the river. A drake chased by an otter tries to fly off the river. The first spring leaves on a branch. View of the river in the forest at dawn. The trainer is looking for his pet on the river. Staging. Honored Artist of the RSFSR ND Timofeev in the role of a switchman walks along the sleepers. An otter runs after him. The switchman walks up to the house, enters the house, turns on the light, lights the fire in the stove, peels the potatoes. The otter opens the door with his paw, climbs into the arms of a seated switchman. The switchman meets another train and returns home. The otter tries to open the door, refuses to eat. The switchman watches for a long time as the otter tries to open the door and releases him. The trainer leaves the underpass on one of the streets of Moscow. Passers-by go to the underpass. It's raining. Passers-by walk under umbrellas. Transport traffic on the highway.
F. Tyapkin, N. Nikitin, A. Ratsimor, G. Elnitskaya
Film ID
urban transport
, engineering physics and applied mechanics
, school education
, geology
, geophysics
, architecture
, state holidays
, animal world
, landscapes
, cities
, foreign countries (indonesia)
, geography
Number of Parts
A. Popov, V. Ryklin, L. Zilberg
Other Creators
scriptwriters K. Zelenov, V. Zlotov, N. Argunova, composers V. Smirnov, B. Trotsyuk, A. Muravlev, sound technicians M. Gofshtein, V. Kutuzov, A. Romanov, text D. Vasiliu, director animator A. Birulin , editor N. Kaspe
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