III Congress of the Comintern

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Moscow. Parade and demonstration on Red Square in honor of the delegates to the III Congress of the Comintern. Theatrical procession, decorated trams, balloons. L. D. Trotsky, N. I. Muralov, E. M. Sklyansky take the parade. AV Lunacharsky is present. Athletes parade. Spectators in the guest bleachers. Session of the Congress of the Comintern at the Bolshoi Theater. Theater square, theater building. Center of Moscow. Delegates on the embankment, in cars, in meeting rooms. Among them: B. Kuhn, M. T. Tskhakaya, F. Ya.Kon, D. B. Ryazanov, A. V. Lunacharsky, A. G. Okuashvili, K. Radek, G. E. Zinoviev, Amber-Dro , V. Kolarov, Dzhenari, Lazzari, N.I.Bukharin. Presidium of the Communist Youth International. Singing the International. Rally on Red Square in honor of the delegates of the Comintern. Speakers: K. Radek, A. V. Lunacharsky, Vayan-Couturier. Parade of cadets of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee. Opening of the monument to D. Reed on Red Square on July 3, 1921 Speakers: LB Kamenev, W. Heywood. Panorama of peat extraction, meeting. The delegates are present at the graduation of the red commanders of the Vystrel Higher Rifle School Kuskovo, June 19, 1921. Sports festival in honor of the delegates on Vorobyovy Gory on June 20: performances by athletes, Proletkult (choir), artists. Sports festival in Sokolniki on July 10. Congress delegates at the racetrack. Funeral of FA Artem and five members of the Comintern, July 28, funeral procession.
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