In Novocherkassk

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Southern Front, February 13, 1943 The liberation of the city of Novocherkassk and its environs was developed at the headquarters of the 2nd Guards Army directly by General SS Biryuzov. The first to break into the city were units of Major General A.I. Utvenko and Colonel I.F. Seregin from the 13th Guards Rifle Corps under the command of Major General P.G. Chanchibadze City of Novocherkassk. The destroyed station building, the burning building of the House of the Red Army. German passenger train on the railway ways. Red Army units enter the city; residents meet their liberators. Broken and plundered building of the Novocherkassk Industrial Institute named after S. Ordzhonikidze. Associate Professor of the Faculty of Chemistry of the Institute Khmelevsky and Associate Professor of the Faculty of Power Engineering Poletaev at the entrance to the building of the Institute. Associate Professor Khmelevsky clears snow from the portrait of M. Lomonosov, thrown out of the building by the Nazis. Khmelevsky and Poletaev tell one of the commanders of the Red Army about the atrocities of the Nazis. The movement of artillery units along one of the streets of Novocherkassk. The return of the civilian population to the city after its liberation by the Red Army.
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the great patriotic war
, railway transport
, cities
50,5 м (общ. - 231,1 м)
M.Ya. Poselsky
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