In the Area of Rivne

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Box 1 Plot 1. “Meeting in the liberated village of Koryst” Western Ukraine, p. Self-interest, con. January - early. February 1944 A meeting of villagers and soldiers of the Red Army in the village of Koryst liberated from the Nazi invaders; speaking captain M. V. Novikov, the commander of the 385th rifle regiment, lieutenant colonel I. F. Ulyanov, priest Vitaly Onishchuk, school director M. F. Matchuk. Village head M.T. Sorochinsky brings bread and salt to IF Ulyanov. The protesters applauded. Red Army soldiers dance with the girls after the rally. Plot 2. “Partisans at Novograd-Volynsky. 1st Ukrainian Front, February 1944. The Khrushchev partisan detachment, operating for two years in the area of the city of Novograd-Volynsky, united with units of the Red Army and set off for further hostilities in the Lvov region. On the road, along the street of the city of Novograd-Volynsky, partisans pass and ride on horses, carts pass by. The commander of the detachment K.G. Kazachenko rides in a cart. Commander Kazachenko on horseback watching the movement of the detachment. Box 2 Plot 3. "Ukrainian reserves". 1st Ukrainian Front, late January - early. February 1944. Columns of Ukrainians, dressed in warm clothes and fur hats with duffel bags behind their backs, without weapons, are moving along the road to the field, along a rural street. Plot 4. "Presentation of arms and the oath." 1st Ukrainian Front, January. In a solemn atmosphere, the new soldiers of the 585th Infantry Regiment receive weapons and take the military oath. The weapons are given by the regiment commander, Lieutenant Colonel Ivan Fedoseevich Ulyanov. The oath is taken by the deputy commander for political affairs, Major A. P. Yurchenko. Armed soldiers are marching solemnly. Among the fighters taking the oath are fighters I.F.Kulak, G.M. Kokhanevich, S.A. Chichenok, A.D. Ohrimchuk. Lieutenant Colonel I.F. Ulyanov presents weapons to the soldiers. Standard bearers carry the banner of the 385th Infantry Regiment in front of the Red Army line. IF Ulyanov speaks to the soldiers. Plot 5. "Command" 1st Ukrainian Front, January-February. The commander of the 385th Infantry Regiment, I.F.
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the great patriotic war
, irregular troops
, ukraine
, settlements
, cities
, ground troops
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Mogilevsky G.A., Smorodin V.A.
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